For a look at how the e-cigarette industry targeted

For a look at how the e-cigarette industry targeted young people, browse the Truth Tobacco Industry Documents, reports and memos created by tobacco companies. Documents include insider information on tactics for attracting new, youthful customers. (Remember candy-flavored cigarettes and Joe Camel? )

Today, vaping products are available in fruit, candy and dessert flavors. By clicking an online button assuring they’re over 18.

An in-depth article by Janet Raloff, published June 30 in ScienceNews, digs into the dangers e-cigarettes hold for teens. Developing young brains may be more vulnerable to nicotine’s effects. Non-nicotine products are available. But that doesn’t mean all the risk is removed.

In a confidential survey of Connecticut high school students who use e-cigarettes, It’s harder to detect if kids are using e-cigarettes than traditional smoking, Offutt says. “They won’t have smoke on their breath, ” she says. “But they might have bloodshot eyes. Or they may show signs of nicotine withdrawal, ” she adds, like the irritability adult cigarette smokers can experience. She’s posted sample pictures of vaping devices on her website. “So if parents see anything that looks like that and they’re not sure what, that may be a clue, inches she says.

When talking to the teens about vaping บุหรี่ไฟฟ้า, enjoy it casual, Offutt advises. “It’s not a really judgmental approach to ask the issue, ” states. “It’s more simply, ‘I’ve examine this, and I’m wondering what you’ve found out about that. ‘ Or, ‘Do you already know any children that are employing e-smoking cigarettes cigarettes? ‘ It’s a wonderful way to open up that conversation. ”

Keep it open-finished, Fenimore agrees: “You do not want to request a yes-no problem. Because teenagers can look for virtually any chance to response a question using a yes or no. After that you aren’t really nowhere. ”

Fenimore says. “When you explain nicotine can result in high blood pressure, tiredness and sudden mood alterations, and that it could result in a lifelong, ”

Fenimore says, as a choice to not just produce on a whim, although one with potential effects of lifelong problems. “It’s not like drinking a slushy or some other point you like just because of the flavor, ” she says. “This is really a serious drug. “